Thank you for checking out my recipes!

I have developed hundreds of recipes over the last year, I’d like to start sharing them with you, so check back here to see more when I add them. If there are any recipes you would like to see here, please do ask.

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Easy and accessible recipes

I work hard to make my recipes easy to follow and accessible. I do this in a number of ways:

Each line is a different colour this is helpful for children when they start to follow recipes as they can easily remember which colour line they were up to.

Ingredients are accessible – not strange ingredients that you have never heard of. Most ingredients that I use should be easily found in a small supermarket.

Simple language that beginners can understand

I include choice and suggestions for adaptations to suit fussy eaters.

I try to make sure that the recipes make small amounts – they will serve no more than 4 people, but can be easily doubled to serve more if necessary.

All recipes have been tested by myself, my own children and a class of children that I teach on a Saturday. They work!

I value your feedback

However, there may be the occasional typo or error in the text – if you find one… please do let me know – I am only human, and often work at a fast pace, I don’t have an editor (yet) – but it’s certainly something I’m aiming for. Please do tell me if there are any errors in my recipes, I’ll rectify them straight away.