My lockdown journal (pink rainbows cover)


My lockdown directory

50 pages – 20 double page journal spreads

Create history by recording your daily life during lockdown.

Paperback size, glossy cover, slim spine.


Your very own lockdown journal.  

This lockdown journal can be a snapshot of your child’s life during these unusual times. 

Once completed it will become their very own personalised time capsule to be saved and looked back upon in future – perhaps to show your children / grandchildren one day. 

The lockdown journal is an A5 size paperback style slim spine book with glossy cover.  journal lockdown kids children diary coronavirus covid 19 home school


  • A snapshot of your life right now 
  • Space to include info on your friends
  • Pages to record your top five favourites of all sorts of things such as Apps, books, celebrities, foods, sports, music etc 
  • Make your own lockdown nickname
  • Your home school plans and a space for your timetable / routine 
  • Twenty double spread journal pages. 
  • Space for you to write the date so that you can decide when to log. 
  • Blank borders for doodles, colouring and your own ideas.

Lockdown journal pages include space to record:

journal page diary lockdown record notes teenager time capsule memory

  • What’s in the news 
  • The weather 
  • How you are feeling 
  • Exercise done 
  • Fruit and veg eaten 
  • Your own thoughts
  • A record of what happened on that day. 

Journal pages can be completed daily, weekly or simply whenever you feel like it. 


private cookery lessons with Kate, Make with KateThe lockdown journal is designed, tested and used by me, Kate with significant input from my two children who told me what they wanted to be included.

50 pages with 20 double page spread journal pages.

A glossy cover – useful for longevity and protection against finger smudges and daily life.

Paperback size with a slim spine that can be easily stored on a bookshelf, in a drawer, on a worktop.

Each page of the journal has wide margins for doodles, colour and notes to personalise the journal and make it your own style.


There are five different cover designs to choose from – take a look!

About the author/ creator

There are more publications coming soon including a meal planning organiser, recipe books, packed lunch planner, kitchen organiser, recipe file etc. Keep checking back as some will be published soon.

Kate Ferrer is a teacher based in Kent. I am passionate about making learning at home inspiring, exciting, and fun for everybody.

Lockdown does not have to be a bad thing!

Let’s make history and keep it for future generations to see.

I regularly produce free printable resources, recipes and ideas of things to do.

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Enjoy making history together!


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