My top tips for pancake making

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My top tips for pancake making

I am a total pancake fiend! I eat them regularly all year round. I’ve experimented and tweaked my pancake recipes many times, and put together a fab little guide for you if you are interested (it’s at the bottom of this post). I’ve also managed to come up with ten top tips for perfect pancakes. I hope you like them.

  1. Perfect pancake batter: Add the eggs to a well in the centre of the flour first. Spoon upright (vertical) stir from the middle with little circular movements.
    Then add the milk a little at a time keeping the spoon vertical and stirring fro the middle allowing a little flour to be incorporated at a time.
  2. Hot pan. Make sure the pan is properly hot before pouring the batter in. The first pancake is always the worst pancake, and I think it’s because the frying pan is not usually hot enough – like really warmed through. So don’t worry if your first one is a flop … the next one will be so much better.
  3. Use butter or coconut oil for the nicest tasting results
  4. Get your jug out. Pour crepe batter or runnier batters into the frying pan from a jug or use a soup ladle. Thicker batters can be dolloped in straight from the bowl
  5. Hands off! Don’t use your flipper / fish slice until your pancake is cooked on one side. No patting, no shifting, no lifting the edges, no sliding it around. Understood? Your pancake will move by itself when it’s ready just with a little shake of the frying pan.
  6. Don’t be a show off. If you don’t know what I mean by this – you need to check out the Pancake episode of Pepper Pig. It is really not necessary to flip  pancakes up in the air. Use a fish slice for goodness sake. I’d rather have more pancakes to eat than a mushy mess that’s been on the floor!  
  7. Keep them warm. Store the pancakes that have been cooked on a warmed plate with either a large upside down bowl over the top or a clean warm tea towel until you are ready to sit down and eat them.
  8. Offer a selection of toppings . Here are some of my faves: Natural yogurt with fresh fruit and maple syrup, Cinnamon and sugar, lemon and sugar, maple syrup, sliced banana and cinnamon. Tinned fruit, fresh fruit or defrosted from frozen are all excellent accompaniments to pancakes.
  9. Be experimental. Once you have a fool proof recipe have a play…. try different types of flours, different milks, add a dollop of natural yogurt or butter milk to increase fluffiness of American pancakes. Try adding cocoa powder, or cinnamon to your batter. Let me know any winning combinations you come up with.
  10. Kids can help. Make sure you teach your children how to make pancakes. The best way to do thi is to get them involved every time you make them. Let them help with weighing, stirring, ladling and flipping. Here’s my pancake guide if you’d like it. It has my all time favourite go-to basic pancake recipes. Tried and tested hundreds of times by me and my girls.

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