Cookery and craft club


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I run a holiday cookery and craft club for children aged between 5 and 14.

The clubs run for several hours each day over several days.

We cook

Children make food which they can then enjoy eating together at the club.

We eat

Creativity is a big factor at my holiday clubs and we take part in lots of creative projects and activities.

We make stuff

The next cookery and craft club will be running in the Spring/Easter school holiday. There will be another one running in the summer holiday from 27th – 28th August 2020

Here is what I’ve got planned for the children to make at the Spring holiday club! 

holiday cookery and craft club children teenagers family cook

We follow a loose routine each day (see below) however there is enough time that we don’t have to rush from one activity to another, children can take their time. It is the holidays after all! Although I have planned some craft activities for each day, I do follow the children’s lead and if they have particularly enjoyed an activity, we may spend longer on it rather than starting a new one.

holiday cookery and craft club children teenagers family cook