Treats not sweets – do something different for Halloween this year

What’s the cookie monster’s definition of a balanced diet? 

The same amount of cookies in each hand! 

Did you know Halloween this year falls on on a Moan-day, and next year it will be a chews-day! That’s great news for all wannabe chomping monsters and moaning zombies out there right?

Thank you for bearing with me through the awful jokes!

Last year, we went trick or treating for Halloween as usual. We collected the usual ridiculous amount of sweets. One house in particular stands out to me, and for my youngest daughter M.

Trick or treat healthy Halloween treats

Let me explain:

As we approached the ordinary looking house, we came across a  wicker basket on the door step. A sign by the basket said please take one. We took a little organza bag which contained a little note with a little message or rhyme (each one different) and a piece of fruit.

That was all.

A refreshing and welcome difference to the same old candy offered at everyone else’s door. My youngest daughter M eagerly ate her piece of fruit on the way home. I think the candy had made her thirsty, not to mention the fact that she is a fruit fiend.

For this year’s celebrations, it’s got me thinking.

What could we do that is a bit more thoughtful or memorable. Why not do something a bit different? Does it always have to involve candy?  It’s worth thinking about.

This blog is the first of a few that I’ll post over the year titled “Treats not sweets”. I’m keen to get people thinking before they reward or gift children with sweets. My children are given so many sweets by others; teachers, parents, well meaning strangers and friends included. I never buy my children sweets. Not because I am mean or strict (OK, maybe just a bit), but because I feel they have more than enough already, and sometimes I feel it’s a bit misplaced.

I know the tradition of Halloween is giving sweets as the treat – and children these days don’t seem to know what the trick part is all about – but traditions can change. It’s not an ancient tradition really after all, it’s a borrowed tradition. I’d like to open up people’s minds to what a treat can be.

On that note, I’ve put together a printable Halloween jokes list if anyone wants to join me. My plan is to put together some healthy, Halloween themed treats  on a table outside my house and I’ll probably bag or box them up with one of these jokes.  If you’d like a copy, please be my guest and download it here. I promise, they are better than the first few lines of this post!

Click on the image to print out your own copy for distribution or as a part of Halloween games.

Healthy trick or treat Halloween jokes

I’ve done a bit of research and collected together some other ideas for Halloween “Treats not sweets” and put them together on my Pinterest board.

If you’d like some inspiration ….  Halloween Treats not sweets!

I’ve tried to keep the ideas realistic and simple. So that they can be re-created on mass without too much bother. I actually feel spoiled for choice now I’ve done some research, I hope you will too!


Healthy Halloween treats not sweets

If you’re like minded and have some great Halloween Treats not sweets ideas, please share! I’d love to see and hear about what you’re all doing for Halloween.

2 thoughts on “Treats not sweets – do something different for Halloween this year

  • 16/10/2016 at 7:31 pm

    We have already decided to give healthy treats at Halloween again this year. Last year we offered apples and oranges -and the children loved them! Looking forward to reading more about your ideas.

    • 16/10/2016 at 7:39 pm

      Fab! I’m really excited about it this year, whereas it’s normally just something I do to keep the kids happy. Unfortunately we don’t get anyone knocking at our door, so we normally set out a table on the pavement outside our house. Spread the word Claire, we need to get more people inspired about this.


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