Cookery classes in school

Bringing the kitchen to your classroom with primary school cookery classes

I have been to enough schools to know that every school is different, all have a different ethos, approach to learning, timetable, and school day. So I’d love to hear from you to find out how best I can work with you to provide your pupils with the learning experience that they need with my cookery classes.

How long does a session last?

A Make with Kate cookery session could be anything from one hour long, to an afternoon or morning session, or even a whole day. The maximum size for a practical cookery session is 15 pupils, however if you wish I can supply activities for the other half of a class to work on.

It is recommended that a member of your school staff attends each cooking session, as you know your pupils best. If you are able to source some parent volunteers to join in that would be a really fantastic addition.

What about equipment and facilities?

All equipment is provided for primary school cookery lessons and planned and delivered by me, Kate. I’m a qualified teacher with experience of teaching both primary and secondary aged children.

My aim is to empower and inspire your pupils with healthy delicious and nutritious recipes. I also provide them with a firm basic knowledge of a balanced diet and how cooking relates to that.

What does a lesson look like?


Lessons are planned in accordance with the National Curriculum, and will often include smelling and tasting ingredients before cooking with them.

I welcome a challenge and revel in opportunities to make links with other areas of the curriculum through project work. Perhaps you are studying a certain text that you’d like to bring to life through food? Or could we bring to life what it was really like on the home front during the war with some meals planned around rationed foods?Are your pupils learning about the environment and sustainable food sources? Are they finding out about how plants grow and where materials come from?

I love a challenge so please throw one my way.

Variety keeps my approach fresh and relevant to your learners.


DSC_0256DSC_0251Every school is different

Group sizes depend on the age and needs of the children in each group. We have equipment for up to 15 however children get more out of the experience in smaller group sizes of up to 10.


You may decide to select certain groups of pupils who may benefit most from this kind of intervention. For example PP students or those that could do with some numeracy or literacy help (wieghing, measuring, recipe reading etc). Perhaps you would like to reward a particular group of students who have tried particularly hard. Or some children that have achieved a certain goal.

You could hire me to help to cover PPA time (I am a qualified teacher).

All lessons are planned in accordance with the National Curriculum

All equipment and ingredients are supplied.