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Child friendly knife and vegetable holder for sale here now.

I’ve loved using my safety knife. In fact I don’t bother with my other knives now as this one is so easy and effective to use. My mum’s even ordered one from me! The knives have been road tested by my own kids and a team of children that I teach.  They range from ages 6 – 14. Guess what, they love it and it gets a big thumbs up from us!

This product is great because it reduces the fear factor for the adults in charge. This in turn allows children to be more relaxed. The sense of independence children feel when able to use a knife by themselves effectively is wonderful!

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Check out my blog for some tips on getting started with knives, and keep an eye out over the next month or so when I will be uploading some video tips on how to hold vegetables safely when cutting them.

Made of stainless steel, it has a blunt, slightly serrated edge and a sparkly blue handle!

The vegetable holder has a plastic handle and metal comb to hold vegetables/fruit firmly in place keeping little fingers out of the way.

Knife £6
Vegetable holder £6
Knife and vegetable holder £10 
Buy now

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