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Sea life theme

The theme of this week’s ART windows is Sea life. I am going to give you a few tips on how to get started with this theme. Read more about ART windows here

Get ready

First, you’ll need to decide what type of sea life art work you would like to create… 3D, collage, painting, multi-media, modelling.

This week, I had in my head that I would like to do some modelling with some air-dry clay that I’ve had knocking around for some time. If you’d like to do the same, but don’t have any air dry clay, you can create the same type of thing with salt dough – I love to make with salt dough normally, however as flour is precious at the moment, I decided to make sue of the air dry clay instead. Here is a salt dough recipe – it’s so simple to make. Don’t worry about baking the salt dough for three hours as suggested on the recipe … I just leave mine on a sunny windowsill for a day or two before painting.

So I’ve collected lots of tools from around the house to cut, roll, shape and add texture to my sea life dough. Make sure you ask whoever owns the tools if it is OK first. I used quite a few kitchen tools for mine which is not always o.k. with mums! But seeing as I am the mum, and I do most of the cooking, I didn’t need to ask!

Get some sea life inspiration

Make sure you look around for some sea life inspiration before deciding what you want to create. An immediate idea for sea life to spring to mind is a fish, but there is so much more to the sea than fish….

Great places to look are books, magazines, internet, TV wildlife programs, objects around the house, you could even go down to the beach and collect some items for inspiration.

Look carefully

Remember – not all fish look like the cartoon version that we are all familiar with… in fact, very few do! There are thousands of different creatures living in the sea, hundreds of different types of boats, shells and seaweed. When you have decided on what to draw / paint or make, try to look very closely and often at your source of inspiration. Can you see textures, shapes, new colours? You will learn a lot about the object you are drawing whilst working on this if you look really carefully. IT will probably be quite tiring – because your brain will be working very hard. Make sure you have a break now and then and come back to it with a fresh pair of eyes.

Add texture

This is where you get to use all the tools you have collected. Add some interesting surface textures, be experimental and add textures on top of textures. Remember – look carefully at your inspiration for this.

Now to add some colour – the colour could be realistic – or you could go wild with colour to make your piece really stand out.

Lastly – hang your art work proudly in your front window. Take a photo and post it on social media with the hashtag #artwindows

Take a walk around your neighbourhood to see what others have stuck in their windows too.

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