Art windows – patterns

For many of us it is the first week of home school time. During this time of uncertainty and isolation, I’ve set up an activity called art windows. The theme this week is patterns.

Each week I will set a theme and I’d love for children everywhere to put their art work up in the front windows for passers by to see.

If you decide to post photos of your children’s art work on social media- make sure you use the hashtag #artwindows so that we can all see each others. I’m hoping this activity will not only give our children great joy, but bring joy to the people who are out exercising or making their way to the shops.

This week’s theme will be patterns. I can’t wait to see what you manage to come up with for this one! To get you started, I’ve put together some tips to inspire and guide you. Feel free to ignore and just get stuck in though – if you prefer.

Go off the page

Try to make your pattern trail off the page, or do half shapes around the edges. This gives the sense that the pattern could continue over a larger sheet of paper or fabric.

Do more than one

Don’t just do one, do several variations, then come back to the first and add to it. Don’t give up if it doesn’t look great straight away. Come back to it later. You will like the patterns more if you have done a whole collection of them, and it will be easier to come back and add to them later. You will also improve and refine your technique over time, the more you do.

Try variations

Try repeating the same pattern with different colour combinations. Play with colour and don’t be scared. OR repeat use of the same two or three colours, but change the shapes each time.

Print with everyday objects

Try to create patterns by printing things you find around the house and garden. Some obvious ones are potatoes and cotton reels, what about the end of a celery, cut into a beetroot, leaves, fingers, lacy fabrics, or make your own printing block with some cut out foam stuck onto a block.

Experiment with unusual materials

Try playing around with sticking different materials down with glue such as wool or string, paper shapes, bits of rubbish/recycling cut up and stuck down, buttons or beads. Try tearing paper randomly and then sticking it to a bold background.


Photography and pattern making

Make a pattern out of everyday objects on a background and photograph them. Patterns can be found in nature by zooming into a texture. Or a pattern could be made by placing objects in a pattern. Try jewellry, buttons, coins, pasta shapes etc.

Play with scale

Play with scale… Big, huge, massive and tiny. Mix huge shapes with tiny shapes. Play around with how tightly packed together they are, or how far apart.


Play with colour

Choose colours that clash and sing together. Put colours together that you wouldn’t normally. Create colour themes – a natural theme, a metallic theme, a cheerful theme, a monochromatic theme.

Go random or repeat

Don’t be scared to go random. Patterns do not have to be neat repeats, although you can have a lot of fun with both styles.


Don’t forget the hashtag #artwindows and sign up to my newsletter for more resources and challenges!

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