About Kate

make with Kate teacherHi there, 

I am Kate, I’m a foodie, mum, teacher and business owner. I consider myself very lucky to be able to combine my passions with my job.

Having always been keen on using food as a fuel for nourishing the body, I’ve made it my mission to share my ideas and experiences with as many people as possible.

Busy lives

Due to curriculum changes in schools, busier lifestyles and the growth of technology in homes, cooking is not always such a central part of the home as it used to be. In the past children used to sit and help their mother prepare food for the family as a part of everyday family life.

Times have changed and we are now busier than ever, life moves fast and convenience foods are often necessary just so that we can get everything squeezed in to our busy lives. 

There are growing numbers of  people who haven’t been taught the basics of cooking and meal preparation. It’s really sad to think that perhaps cookery may become a lost skill that no longer gets passed down from generation to generation. 

Fussy eaters?

In my role as a teacher I come across many children who could be classed as “fussy eaters”. This can be for many reasons, but whatever the reason, I have found time and time again that simply by removing the pressure of ‘having ‘ to try a new food just because they should, and by introducing regular cooking sessions these children relax around food.

I offer many opportunities for children to taste foods, but I never put pressure on them to do so. In time they relax around food and want to start experimenting. This all takes time, small steps and lots of encouragement.

If a child says they don’t like something we are cooking in class, we simply decide to make the food for someone in their family or a friend. We choose ingredients that the child thinks they may like. More often than not the child will want to taste what they have made, and this I consider a triumph, it’s one of the great joys of my job.

My mission:

To inspire children to get cooking and to feel confident to experiment with food and to try new foods regularly. I also want to make cooking good food for a balanced diet easier for modern families.

I’m just like you!

I know what you are dealing with, I’m just like you!

I’m a busy mum with two growing daughters. I face the same struggles as many of you. My children change what they like on a regular basis, they can be fussy about certain foods (this changes regularly too – It’s tricky to keep up!). Feeling like I don’t have enough time, I have days when I just don’t know what to cook, and I hate the idea of cooking the same things week after week just to please everyone else.

I refuse to be beaten by this and so I’m constantly developing resources, recipes, and new ideas of ways to make this work.

I want to share all of this with you and I’d love it if you’d join me. Just sign up to my newsletter to receive resources, recipes and ideas as I produce them. 

Thanks for reading! 

 Kate x


Make with Kate is a cookery school with a difference:

 I am flexible

The mobile nature of the Make with Kate cookery school means that I can set up in community centres, school playgrounds, scout huts,  church halls, school halls, classrooms, your living room, anywhere that has access to hot running water and some keen aspiring chefs. Take a look at my facebook page to see some of my classes in action here

I don’t stick to a tried and tested selection of lessons
and I don’t just stick to baking. 

Every term I put together a new schedule of lessons, we cook something different every week. I ask the children I work with and their parents regularly what they want to learn. Sometimes we cook hot meals for lunches, sometimes we bake, sometimes we make snacks and sometimes warming winter drinks. I try to keep a healthy slant in most of what we cook. Everything in moderation is key to health! We make cakes and treats sometimes, but mostly we cook for a balanced diet.

I love a new challenge – it’s what keeps things fresh

Experienced and passionate teaching

I am an experienced secondary school food teacher with a passion for both making and devouring exciting healthy food. I love working with children and young people. They both inspire me and keep me on my toes. I love seeing them develop and their tastes change as they become more confident and skilled. 

My biggest passion is empowering young people to be able to make informed choices about food. I want them to feel confident and inspired by making creative and delicious nutritious meals.
One thing’s for sure – we definitely have fun along the way.

I am fully insured, food hygiene, allergy and first aid trained.
Equipment and facilities

The Make with Kate van is stacked to the rafters with exciting and useful culinary equipment. From every day equipment such as rolling pins, peelers and chopping boards, to pasta machines, blenders and induction hobs.

I have enough equipment for classes of 15 which can also be hired. However I keep my own classes limited to ten children as I find that we get the best results in a quiet and calm learning environment. It’s one of the things my customers tell me that they value.

I hope you feel by reading this page you know a little bit more about me. If you’d still like to find out more then please do contact me on info@makewithkate.co.uk