Private bookings

Private bookings – a truly personal experience

Private bookings; group lessons, 1:1 lessons and parties are a fantastic way of really personalising your deal. I can tailor classes to really suit individual skill levels, interests, themes, group size and ages of participants. You’ll get all the quality of a private class at a very reasonable price. High quality learning teamed  with bags of fun and food!

Private bookings: Children’s home or alternative educational provision 

young person safe cokery skills looked after children's home cookery lessons 1:1 food hygiene food safety independent livingI currently work with a number of looked after children and young people within their care provision. These lessons are usually 1:1 or 1:2 and are tailored esepcially to the individual’s needs.

Many of these  young people benefit from learning independent living skills alongside the cookery skills such as meal planning, shopping and safe storage of foods. Others benefit from healthy eating advice which can be woven into a cooking lesson easily where I show the young person numerous ways a dish can be adapted, and we discuss food choices and nutrition in the relaxed scenario of cooking together.

I am able to instruct the children and young people about food hygeine and even take them through the food safety and hygeiene training and certification. As I get to know each young person better, the lessons become more diverse and tailored to each young persons needs and preferences. It’s a really rewarding part of my job and something I hope to do more of.



Private bookings: 1:1 Sessions

1:1 cookery lessons present gift children cookery lessonThis is a truly personal and tailored option. Many people like to buy a 1:1 lesson with me as a gift for a friend or loved one. Lessons can be bought individually or a block of lessons can be booked for a discounted price. An individual 1:1 lesson costs £35 and 1:1 lessons usually last up to two hours.

I am able to adapt the lesson to the child’s skill levels, dietary needs and food preferences or cooking just for fun.

All equipment, ingredients and protectvie clothing are supplied.

Perhaps you’d like to treat an aspiring cook for a gift. For gifts, I will put together a small package so that your child has something to unwrap (a very important aspect of gift giving and receiving!). This will include a personalised letter from me, a Make with Kate branded wooden spoon and a laminated recipe card to get them started in a gift bag tied with ribbon.

Please contact me directly to find out more. Every session is so different.


Private bookings: Home education groups 

These can operate from your home (the host receives a discount!) or a hired venue. I run these as group sessions with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 15 participants. Discounts are offered for siblings and for a block booking of 6 sessions. Having worked with several home educated children in a variety of ways, I know that a personalised and flexible approach is a must as all families choose their own approach to learning that suits their children best.

Children often follow areas of interest and learn many diverse skills and new knowldege through a particular area of interest. I love the opportunity to tailor lessons in this way. For example, we might investigate dehydrating foods for astronauts and food preservation with a child interested in space travel.  It is entirely up to you how you choose to weave in my cookery lessons into your own mode of edcation.

All equipment, protective clothing and ingredients are provided.

Private bookings: Parties

Invite Make with Kate to your party, we’ll add some extra sparkle. Your guests will have fun preparing food followed by eating it together as a part of the party.  Alternatively you may prefer children to make someting that can be taken home in the party bag. We offer parties based on a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 15. All equipment, protective clothing and ingredients are provided.