Hey there lovely Mums and Dads!

I’m so glad you’ve stopped by my website, it’s here to help you with everything food related from packed lunches to Sunday dinners to children’s parties.

I’m so super keen and inspired by food; cooking it and eating it, that I just want to be able to infect everyone else with my enthusiasm.

I’ve been teaching in a secondary school for a number of years now, I’ve also been teaching primary aged children at the weekend (which I absolutely adore) and I’m now thinking; how can I help even more people? how can I start to make a difference?  I’m limited with my physical teaching to my location (Kent, UK – the furthest most tip of the south East! I’m practically in France). So I’ve decided to put together some online courses so that I can reach more gorgeous, lovely families such as yourselves.

I’ve been hearing a lot from parents about how they lack inspiration in the kitchen. They (used to) love cooking but since the kids came along, they’ve kind of gone flat. they are catering for multiple tastes and it seems that these preferences change by the day … heck by the meal time.

Things get restricted when there are so many difficult customers to feed!

So we end up cooking the same thing day after day.

I hear you Mums and Dads!

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To start with I’ve put together a fabulous online program to revamp and re-balance your family’s packed lunches. I’m going to get you organised, talking about it, inspired and enthused and I’m going to get you cooking. I won’t plan your meals for you, or tell you what your children should be eating. You are the expert on that front. I’m here as the expert to show you how, and inspire you to want to be in that kitchen again.

familly packed lunch inspirations school dinner childrenHow to build balanced packed lunches that your family will love eating
(for parents that care)!

 A four part online package

Launching soon!



I can’t wait to hear from you!

Kate x