Cooking equipment hire

Hire our cooking equipment

We can supply a wide range of cookery equipment for hire. From basic equipment such as easy grip box graters, child friendly knives and non-slip chopping boards to easily transportable table top ovens and induction hobs to specialist equipment such as pasta makers. All you have to do is make a list of your requirements and place an order today.

We will deliver before the school day starts and collect your requirements at the end of the day. Easy!

Electrical cooking equipment

We have large electrical equipment such as ovens, hob tops,
electric whisks, mini blenders,  kettles and toasters. DSC_0078

All equipment is PAT tested and fully certified. Staff will be given training on how to operate and a set of instructions for use.




Pasta 3Specialist cooking equipment
We have exciting specialist equipment such as pasta makers, spiralisers and electric whisks.
We also have equipment that is suited to smaller hands such as safe knives for beginners, easy grip peelers and non slip box graters.

We have a selection of digital and dial weighing scales for you preference or perhaps you’d like to show your pupils the differences and order a selection of both.



DSC_0237Hygiene and protective clothing

We can also provide a range of different size aprons and hats,
table coverings and washing up equipment.