Christmas gift and present ideas for kids and teens

Christmas gift and present ideas for kids and teens

This year I faced a dilemma; for the first time in the history of having children, mine don’t know what they want for Christmas! Christmas gift ideas for my kids are just not coming readily.

Imagine that! Does anyone else have a similar problem?

christmas-1711545_640In terms of ‘things’ there isn’t anything they really want or need! So this year I’ve really had to put my Christmas Elf thinking cap on and get a bit resourceful. So I thought I’d share my ideas with you.

So now we’ve established that it’s not necessarily ‘THINGS’ we want this year, I’ve decided to think  a bit out of the box.

Some things mentioned are local to me, but I’m sure if you’re further afield there will be a range of similar options nearer to where you live.



For me, as a parent, lately it’s been important to me to be spending time with my kids before they grow up and decide that I’m not cool enough anymore or I’m too old to do stuff with. So I’ve come up with a lovely list of experiences that can be shared together. Last year I bought membership to our new local theme park Dreamland and wanted this to be a stocking surprise, so I bought some gorgeous Dreamland branded items from their gift shop and packed the membership cards up in a shoe box with the branded paraphernalia. The yearly family pass is actually rather reasonable £125 for a family of four and you all get your own card (handy for present giving) and we’ve had plenty of use out of it.  Here’s a link: 

Other fab tickets and membership ideas include:

Go ape,                                 Laser quest, paintball,     Zoo membership

woods-1246177_640        paintball-1282164_640     seal-1232186_640

not to mention: theatre tickets, day trip to France, weekend city break and theme park day tickets. 

The positives of this type of gift are that they are something to look forward to once the Christmas glitter has gone, and they can be bonding experiences for families. Photos can be taken during the experience and a montage created afterwards and framed as a memory.

Materials / tools to enable or encourage a hobby:

I’m all for encouraging my children away from their tablets and the TV. So any glimmer of an interest or hobby and I’m all over it. What better way to encourage this than by investing in their hobby. I think Christmas is an excellent opportunity to buy really good quality materials and equipment that you wouldn’t normally consider spending out on during the year such as canvases, quality watercolour paints, a camera, football boots, specialist crafting equipment, roller skates (these are some roller skates that I totally recommend as they are size adjustable and an excellent price), bike and sewing machine.  


Thinking even further out of the box, why not put together something or somewhere that makes you child’s hobby even easier to access. A pop up dark room? A crafting desk or storage facility?

Personal space:

Ooh, how about creating a secret kid’s cave only to be revealed on Christmas morning? A treasure hunt leading your child to the scene of their new hideout?

post-37284_640It could be a shed in the garden that you secretly decorate inside and kit out with kid’s stuff like beanbags, bunting, battery operated lanterns and a do not enter sign on the door.  

Or maybe you could cosy up the basement or cellar (if it’s in usable condition) with beanbags, TV and a mini fridge.  For younger children, what about an under the stairs hidey hole, or teepee? Children and teens love to feel independent and they love to have something to call their own.  



Learn a skill:

Here’s a present that can last well beyond Christmas.

Christmas gift ideas kids Why not book your child onto a slightly more unusual course in something they’ve not tried before. I attended some wonderful bushcraft courses both one day and a weekend one here. They do organised group courses, family courses and also private bookings ranging from wood craft to cooking, to survival. 

Christmas gift kids cookery gift

Talking of cooking…. I couldn’t write a post without including my true love. Every child needs to learn to cook at some point, some are desperate to get cooking and some parents can’t face it in their own kitchen, or maybe don’t have the time. Some teens really need the skills but don’t realise it yet. I’m offering a six week cookery course on Saturday mornings in Westgate for £60. A perfect pressie for grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, and parents to consider.   For a small charge I will send a personalised piece of cookery equipment with a voucher so that your child can have something to unwrap on the day.

Other courses you could buy into include climbing, horseriding, and cycling, skateboarding, dressmaking. We have a lovely sewing shop in Canterbury near to us that offers a wide range of courses, many for beginners and some especially for children.

I hope I’ve given you some inspiration for the child that thinks they have it all! Please let me know of anything I’ve missed but could include. I’m always on the lookout for a present that’s a bit different.