About Kate

About me: 

make with Kate teacherHi, 

I am Kate, I’m a foodie, mum, teacher and business owner. I consider myself very lucky to be able to combine my passions with my job, I have always been keen on using food as a fuel for nourishing the body, and have now made it my mission to convey this to as many people as possible.

There are many people around who haven’t been taught the basics of cooking and meal preparation. It’s really sad to think that perhaps cookery may become a lost skill that no longer gets passed down from generation to generation.

I want to inspire people to get cooking and to feel confident to experiment with food and to try new foods regularly.  

Eating and making food is a very social activity, I’m hoping that by inspiring children, mums, dad, uncles, brothers and sisters to get making again using fresh ingredients, we can slowly, bit by bit, one person at a time make a change. I want to up skill the little people that cross my path and empower them to pass their skills and their passion on.

 Kate x

Make with Kate is a cookery school with a difference

 I am flexible

The mobile nature of the Make with Kate cookery school means that I can set up in community centres, school playgrounds, scout huts,  church halls, school halls, your classroom, your living room, anywhere that has access to hot running water and some keen aspiring chefs. Take a look at my facebook page to see some of the classes in action here

I don’t stick to a tried and tested selection of lessons, we like to keep lessons fresh, inspiring and relevant.

I’d love to hear about your current projects, topics and interests as this is an excellent way to introduce food to young minds. So if your children are currently learning about the 2nd world war we could do a day of cooking with rations and waste not want not. If your children are learning about diversity, we could spend the day cooking international foods. If you are enjoying reading a certain text, we could build the themes and characters into the food selections for that day. If your child is mad about super heroes, fish, or ponies, we can easily build those into a themed party.

I love a new challenge – it’s what keeps things fresh

I am experienced and passionate

I am an experienced secondary school food teacher with a passion for both making and devouring exciting healthy food.

My biggest passion is empowering young people to be able to make informed choices about food. I want them to feel confident and inspired by making creative and delicious nutritious meals.
One thing’s for sure – we definitely have fun along the way.

I will come to you fully insured, food hygiene, safety and first aid trained.

The Make with Kate van is stacked to the rafters with exciting and useful culinary equipment.

I have enough equipment for classes of 15 which can be hired or used as a part of our program of teaching.

I hope you feel by reading this page you know a little bit more about me and Make with Kate, however if you’d still like to find out more, please do contact me on info@makewithkate.co.uk